Friday, October 7, 2011

34 weeks!

Let me just say, this pregnancy has been wonderful. I don't know if it is the difference in carrying two girls and now a boy or what but this has been by far the easiest pregnancy of the three. I had such horrible morning sickness with both Hayley and SG. With this baby boy, I think I have gotten sick a handful of times and one of those times was when Josh took a big bite out of sauerkraut right in front of me. That was so gross. I have gained a little more than I had hoped and am hovering right around 30 pds so I'm guessing about the time he arrives I will be at the 35 pds mark. I just wanted to jot down a couple of things about this pregnancy before the next few weeks fly by and Josh and I can't remember. 
First trimester:
I didn't get very sick this pregnancy at the beginning was just tired. I was very hormonal at first and that kind of tipped me off that I was expecting. 

I craved cherry limeades and Subway all the time (Josh can send up a big amen on that one)

I think I might have gained 6-8 pounds this trimester.  

Second trimester:

I was feeling pretty good at this point still. At 20 weeks we found out baby was a boy and I cried like a baby at the sonogram. We were soooo excited that you are healthy and a boy!

I am still craving cherry limeades and also pickles, green olives, candy, salads with raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Oh, and cokes. Big time.

We moved when I was about 5 months pregnant to the house we live in now. We thought we would never find the right house but we finally did and this has definitely become our home. I can't wait to bring this sweet little one home from the hospital.

Third trimester:

Daddy bought a crib!! And put it together all by himself. I love this man!!! We are so anxious and excited to meet you!

I am craving Arby's beef & cheddars, ice cream, cokes, candy corn (so healthy) and lately chocolate milk a lot. Which is weird for me because I am NOT a big milk drinker.

Baby is kicking and punching me all the time, especially at night when Daddy is near. It is so cute how he hears Josh's voice and goes crazy!

Can't wait to meet you sweet baby boy. Daddy and I love you so much already.

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