Monday, April 30, 2012

The big 3-0!!

It is my 30th b-day today! I love birthdays and am excited to kick off my 30's!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Toddler Shenanigans

The dreaded terrible twos have made an appearance a couple months early around here.

Some days are a battle until bedtime. There are tantrums and whining and stomping of feet (hers and mine).
There is throwing and kicking and nap time can't get here fast enough.

Then there are days like today. Full of tickles, laughs and silliness.
Maybe some chocolate pudding thrown in.

Thank you Lord, for days like this.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This boy of mine

Before my son was born 5 (really?!?) months ago, I was a mom to two girls. I knew all about princesses, I read Fancy Nancy books, I knew every freakin' Barbie DVD by heart. It was a hot pink good time.

Then, I found out I was having a boy. A boy?! Insert thoughts of Legos, bugs and trains. (Gender stereotype much?!) While the years of boyhood still await me, here is what I have learned so far about my baby boy:

1) You WILL get sprayed. I had heard this when I was pregnant and it is true. 
2) Even if he is wearing blue and a shirt that says "Little Brother", strangers will say, "Hey sweet girl! She's pretty!"
3) There is something extra sweet about baby boys and their cuddles.
4) If he has big sisters, he will get dressed up in baby doll clothes and headbands.
5) He will grow eighty times faster than his sisters which means he will wear size 12 month clothes at 5 months.

I adore being a mom to a boy and am learning every day! If you have any advice/tips on boys, please feel free to share with this rookie.


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Hayley was with her Dad this Easter but here is her picture from today. Got to love shared custody and alternating holidays.

Makes me sad she wasn't here with me but I know she had a good time. The Easter bunny brought her lots of goodies and she got to go on a neighborhood egg hunt. So thankful she had a good day.

Here are some pictures of Savannah and Donovan from Easter. I had to use my tablet to take the pics so they aren't the best quality.

On the day before Easter, we hid some eggs around the yard for Savannah to find. She is still grasping the whole concept of egg hunting.

Although I look like a creeper in this picture that I tried to snap with my phone, I love my sweet baby boy's chunky cheeks. I could just eat him up.

Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I make babies cry.

I made my youngest daughter cry today. It wasn't by telling her "no" or by being mean mommy and making her take her nap. She cried because I sang. Yep. I was driving along and absentmindedly started to sing along to the radio (love me some GaGa) and she started screaming, "No, Mommy, no!!!"

Which reminded me why I never sing. Well, I did try to sing that one time in 2006 after a night out with friends and a few hundred cocktails. I have evil friends that thought it would be hilarious to dare my inebriated self to get up and sing karaoke. I might do many things but I will never, ever turn down a dare. A double dare?! Sign me up because I'm singing ya'll. It was the most horrific experience. Worse than natural childbirth. I shit you not.

I got up there and had a moment of clarity in my cocktail induced haze. I had people looking at me! Waiting on me to sing!! I stood there frozen and then the music started and I ran off the stage and right out the bar. My friends followed me out and were dying laughing so hard. It was pretty funny looking back now.

This was the infamous night. Before my demise, of course.

And you have to see the pic that one of my friends took and posted on FB yesterday. This really happened....

Makes me proud to be a Mississippian. What would make her think, "Hey, these fit great!" Can you imagine how long it took her to get those on?