Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Hayley was with her Dad this Easter but here is her picture from today. Got to love shared custody and alternating holidays.

Makes me sad she wasn't here with me but I know she had a good time. The Easter bunny brought her lots of goodies and she got to go on a neighborhood egg hunt. So thankful she had a good day.

Here are some pictures of Savannah and Donovan from Easter. I had to use my tablet to take the pics so they aren't the best quality.

On the day before Easter, we hid some eggs around the yard for Savannah to find. She is still grasping the whole concept of egg hunting.

Although I look like a creeper in this picture that I tried to snap with my phone, I love my sweet baby boy's chunky cheeks. I could just eat him up.

Happy Easter!


  1. Thanks! Happy Easter to you!

  2. Hi Catie! Saw your comments on my blog so I came over to yours :). Your kids are adorable! That is too funny about the gripe water...yes, we can only use Mommy's strange. You would think they would all be the same! Oh, and my dress from Easter is French Connection!

  3. Such sweet pictures! Easter egg hunting is the best. I tried to talk my husband into hiding eggs for me, but he wouldn't.