Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This boy of mine

Before my son was born 5 (really?!?) months ago, I was a mom to two girls. I knew all about princesses, I read Fancy Nancy books, I knew every freakin' Barbie DVD by heart. It was a hot pink good time.

Then, I found out I was having a boy. A boy?! Insert thoughts of Legos, bugs and trains. (Gender stereotype much?!) While the years of boyhood still await me, here is what I have learned so far about my baby boy:

1) You WILL get sprayed. I had heard this when I was pregnant and it is true. 
2) Even if he is wearing blue and a shirt that says "Little Brother", strangers will say, "Hey sweet girl! She's pretty!"
3) There is something extra sweet about baby boys and their cuddles.
4) If he has big sisters, he will get dressed up in baby doll clothes and headbands.
5) He will grow eighty times faster than his sisters which means he will wear size 12 month clothes at 5 months.

I adore being a mom to a boy and am learning every day! If you have any advice/tips on boys, please feel free to share with this rookie.


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  1. Oh yes, I remember the sprayed bit. I was sprayed a lot. Mainly because I was so tired that the last thing I thought about was covering up a penis.