Monday, March 19, 2012

I mentally murdered my baby daddy this weekend. Multiple times.

Hello, Monday! We meet again. I actually welcome you today though. Why, you ask? Because my dear, sweet Josh is back at work today. I am only half kidding. Or not at all....

I am usually pretty laid back and tend to be happy most of the time (thanks to a daily dose of Prozac!) But This weekend was horrible!! It may or may not have anything to do with me being on my 30 day shred kick. (Saturday and Sunday were days 5 & 6) I think Jillian Michaels wants me to die a slow and painful death.

See that evil smirk?! She's saying, "You are going to hurt you out of shape excuse for a human!!" At least, that's what I imagine her saying as I huff and groan through her workouts.

Anyways, back to this weekend. Friday night was uneventful. But I was expecting Josh home around the usual 6 p.m. and he did not get in until after freaking 8!! Now, in his defense he did work until 6ish but then he decided to stop by his boss's house to check out the new trees he had planted (yeah, I don't know) and by the time he got home I had fed and bathed and laid down the kiddos. He had a bottle of wine for me so he was forgiven. A little. Let's just say I over indulged in the wine a little bit that night. And woke up at 2, 4 and finally 6ish with the baby. And a raging headache. I kept everyone out of the bedroom and semi quiet until his highness awoke. At 10!!!! Yes, it must be nice!

Saturday was pretty good besides the fact that we had decided to grill out and I had to nag him to FINALLY get to the store and lunch was not had until after 2. While at the store, he bought two 12 packs of beer for the weekend and let's just say I woke up to a crying baby at 2 a.m. and was alone in the bed. I went into the living room and Josh was on his 78th beer playing Madden football on the Xbox. So all hope of me getting to sleep in Sunday was dashed. I know, I know I am sounding like a whiny brat about now. Yesterday was OK. I just had a lot to get done and did a lot of it by myself. I know if I asked him to help he would but damn, sometimes I want him to see all I have going on and help without me begging, er asking. You know?!

Now that I have dumped that all over my blog I feel better! :-) ha.

On to a more positive note, I finished day #7 today of the shred and I'm still alive! Yeah me.

Hope you all had a good weekend.


  1. No way could I do that shred without wanting to die..

    1. You would think I'm dying the way I carry on while doing it!