Friday, June 22, 2012

Random Friday & Blog Makeover!

Are you as excited about the movie "Magic Mike" coming out as I am? No matter what I am doing, if a preview for this movie comes on I can't help but stop and stare at the TV. Yummy, yummy.

Yesterday was Savannah's 2nd birthday! She didn't really know what was going on but she got a mini strawberry cupcake for breakfast. I may have had one or three myself.

Her birthday party is this Sunday and I am excited to have friends and family over to celebrate.

My oldest daughter has a dairy allergy so I am stoked that my Mom found a vegan/dairy free strawberry cake with icing for the party. Sounds delish. I am also looking for some dairy free recipes to cook if you have any suggestions.

I got a new blog design by Kristen at She was super easy to work with and is so talented and reasonably priced. Check out her blog!


  1. Thanks for the kind words & shout out, Cait! I'm glad you are loving your design.

    & Happy Birthday to your daughter, Savannah! What a cutie she is!!! Strawberry cupcakes for breakfast on your birthday?? Can I come be in your family? LOL

  2. I stopped listening after Magic Mike. Also, you owe me a new computer. Mine is ruined from all the drool.

  3. love the blog design - so very festive and bright! and what a cutie Savannah is! strawberry cupcakes for breakfast are TOTALLY the right way to start a birthday!