Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A very special day!

Today is a day to celebrate!!! It is Hayley's 9th birthday and Donovan's 1st birthday. I am so blessed that God entrusted me with these sweet little ones and I am so proud to be their Mom.


  1. Haha that is crazy that they have the same birthday. Happy birthday to your littles!

  2. Happy birthday to both of your babies! That is really unbelievable that they have the same birthday. Good thing they are far enough apart that they won't want to steal each other's presents :)

    1. Thank you, Hilary! Haha, my poor daughter hates that they share a birthday and I can't blame her. I was so shocked when I went into labor at 2 a.m. last year on her birthday!! It is crazy. :-)

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  5. Hope they had a great day! I have twin cousins who(obviously)share a birthday and then THEY have a brother with the same birthday. 3/4 kids = 1 birthday. I'd be thrilled to be that fourth! My own cake!

    I love cake.