Thursday, December 20, 2012

Our Santa fail

We took the littles to see Santa this past weekend. I should have known that it was not going to go well when I forgot that the mall opens at 1 on Sundays. We got there at 11. We were going to just go home and come back since they were getting fussy.

As we were leaving the mall, Savannah was melting down because I had been talking up Santa all morning and she didn't understand why we were leaving. I got the bright idea to drive to Tupelo (an hour away) to see Santa. I thought they would sleep on the drive and the mall would be opening just as we arrived.

Bahaha. They did NOT sleep. They whined the whole hour. As we loaded them in the stroller I noticed that Donovan had spilled milk all over his shirt and Josh had put the wrong shoes on him. I bought a sweater for him at the mall and we waited in line to see Santa.

By the time it was their turn, they were over it. Savannah's hair was a mess and they were exhausted. This is what we got...

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  1. Some of these kinds of pictures (that are less-than-perfect in the moment) become the most perfect later on. I think it's adorable!