Thursday, February 6, 2014

Winter 2014

I just realized I haven't blogged since October! Oops. I guess I need to catch back up. 

   In December:

   We baked & ate lots of goodies.

    Went to Savannah's Christmas 
    Program at school.

    Had fun with my sister.

   Visited my Mom and Stepdad for  

     My 3 little ones: Christmas 2013.

   We had some serious Nabi time.

    I had a fun and much needed girls  

    In January:

    We had some fun park time.

   Spent a lot of time playing inside.

   We got hair cuts.

   We ate Chinese with my in laws while 
   wearing bunny ears. ;)

    We did some painting. 

That about sums up our last few months.
I'm so ready for warmer weather and Spring. I love Easter and am ready to let the kids play outside and get some much needed sunshine!


  1. Glad you are doing well! Heck with spring I'm ready for summer. Haha we usually get rain all spring so I'm not looking forward to that. I don't think I have blogged since December. Haha opps

    1. Thanks, girl! I know you are right about spring=rain! Haha!