Wednesday, November 9, 2011

39 close!

I am 39 weeks preggo today with baby boy Smith. Last Wednesday, we had a false alarm and I was admitted to L&D for monitoring overnight but released Thursday because I hadn't made any progress. I am 2 cent. dilated and am BEYOND ready to meet this sweet baby. The bags are packed, the nursery is ready and he is welcome anytime. ;) I have been having some pretty decent BH contractions and tonight the moon is 99% full and there is a full moon tomorrow so maybe I will have some luck. Haha. I would love for him to have the b-day 11/11/11, but I am afraid that the hospital will be overcrowded due to c-sections and inductions being scheduled. I guess we will see.
I did take a 39 week belly shot but it isn't the best pic so I am going to try and post a better one later.

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