Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cheesy pictures :)

We all post adorable pictures of our kiddos. I see photos all day long of some of the cutest and most "awww" worthy babies that make my heart skip a beat. Precious, I tell you! 

Well, I was looking through some pictures of my wee ones and could not stop laughing at some of the faces they were making. I mean really...


Pretty face!

Bed head

Drama queen

Get this bow off my head!

I love these little faces, silly and all. I searched and searched and could not find any crazy ones of my 8 year old. Guess she is just photogenic. ;)

Happy Monday!


  1. haha so animated! these made me smile!

  2. I love cute kid pics! The whining, crying, and asking for juice is totally edited out. Perfect!