Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend Happenings

This weekend was even less exciting than usual. Thursday night Donovan started throwing up and you could tell that he just did not feel well. Daddy got home and gave him some snuggles. That always helps.

When I went to bed Thursday night, I was feeling a little weird and sure enough when I woke up Friday I was sick. Laying on the bathroom floor and shaking sick with the kids to take care of. Josh leaves before I even wake up so he was already gone. I called him and he said he would come home as soon as he could.

By Saturday, both D and I were feeling much better and thank goodness nobody else got sick! We spent the day relaxing and playing and it was so nice not having anywhere to go. On Sunday, I dragged Donovan with me to do some errands. Nobody else wanted to go and he can't say no yet! He did so good at TJ Maxx and just people watched in his stroller and even did well at Kroger while I got groceries. If only they stayed this little for longer.




  1. We're cosmically united. Just got back from prompt care for a sinus infection and Joe is at the firehouse. Nothing worse than being sick with kids. Unless it's being sick with sick kids. Glad everyone is doing better!

  2. Glad you are feeling better. We got the stomach bug a few weeks ago and it was terrible!! New follower!

  3. I'm glad you both are feeling better!