Monday, August 15, 2011

Trying to get my craft on

I decided this past weekend that I wanted to make something for Baby D's nursery. The only problem is that while I have good intentions, I am not a "crafty" type person. I don't have the attention span it takes to get what I want done and I get frustrated when the product doesn't come out the way I envisioned.

So, I started researching projects for beginner crafts. And I really wanted to make a sock monkey. Like this little guy....

But knowing me and my crafting abilities, I knew it would come out looking like this tragic sock monkey...

Or maybe this um, sock monkey??...

So, I decided to paint some letters for the nursery. Try to keep in mind this is a beginner's attempt. :) I still have to paint the inside of the D.

                     Donovan James Smith


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